2nd Octo­ber 2016 – 8th Janu­a­ry 2017 Stadt­mu­se­um Halle

On the histo­ry of radio broad­cas­ting and attempts at its appro­pria­ti­on in the Hal­le area

»Dear invi­si­ble ones!« – this is how Wal­ter Ben­ja­min intro­du­ced some of his broad­casts during the Wei­mar Repu­blic. As invi­si­ble as lis­teners were to Ben­ja­min, as litt­le is known about many aspects of the exhi­bi­ti­on on the see­min­gly fami­li­ar medi­um radio.

To name but a few examp­les: For the first time on show, there’ll be ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ry collec­tions of audio record­ings and record­ing devices of the depart­ment of speech sci­en­ces at Hal­le Uni­ver­si­ty, pro­ofs of an unans­we­red call for a workers’ trans­mit­ter during the Wei­mar Repu­blic, evi­dence of con­vic­tions of so-cal­led »broad­cast cri­mi­nals« – i.e. per­sons who had been sen­ten­ced in Hal­le for having lis­tened to so-cal­led »Feind­sen­der« (enemy-radio-sta­ti­ons) – during the Natio­nal Socia­lism era, and last but not least pira­te radio sta­ti­ons of the times of »Real Socialism«.

The re-rea­ding offe­red here is not just a com­ing to terms with regio­nal radio histo­ry, but will also exami­ne the situa­ti­on of com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, mass media, and its pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ment in the pre­vai­ling social cir­cum­s­tan­ces at a time.

At the same time, the audi­ence will be encou­ra­ged to assi­mi­la­te: Ear­ly audio record­ings will be audi­ble via authen­tic devices, micro­pho­nes of tho­se days as well as pira­te radio sta­ti­ons can be per­so­nal­ly tes­ted and experienced.

An essen­ti­al com­po­nent of the exhi­bi­ti­on is an une­qual­led collec­tion of radio recei­vers that trans­form the Stadt­mu­se­um into a blend of craft cor­ner, cabi­net of curio­si­ties, and work­shop – and thus into a per­fect place for upco­m­ing live radio broad­casts, work­shops on the con­struc­tion of radi­os and trans­mit­ters as well as Dis­cus­sions with con­tem­pora­ry wit­nes­ses and experts.

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